SBTN – Saigon Broadcasting Television Network – DirectTV 2072 (Garden Grove, Nam California)

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SBTN – Saigon Broadcasting Television Network    The first 24-hour Vietnamese programming network in America broadcasting news, sports, variety, movies, talk shows, children’s programming and more – all in Vietnamese.  Click Here For SBTN Media Kit & Price List

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About the Network
SBTN – Saigon Broadcasting Television Network is the first 24-hour Vietnamese television network specifically programmed to meet the needs of Vietnamese audiences living outside Vietnam. SBTN attracts viewers from all segments of the Vietnamese society from first generation to younger audiences. SBTN offers a broad range of originally-produced and acquired programming in the Vietnamese language including informative and educational shows such as news, documentaries, variety shows, music, talk shows, exclusive dramas, Hollywood Red Carpet Events and much more.
The Mission Statement
To deliver high-quality news and entertainment programming to the American-Vietnamese Community in their own language all around the world. Broadcasted on major cable and satellite providers, SBTN connects the community with their heritage, culture and identity. SBTN is headquarted in Garden Grove, California, home of the largest Vietnamese population living outside Vietnam. Established in 2001, SBTN has grown to other regional offices across the country including Washington D.C., Boston, Dallas and its most recent launch in Australia. The majority of SBTN’s news, variety and music programming is produced in the Garden Grove facility.



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  1. Tin anh đi …tiếng sét ngang tai
    thuơng tiếc anh giọt lệ u hoài
    lý tưởng trong lời ca vẳng vọng
    nhân quyền cho Việt Nam ngày mai…

    Thành kính chia buồn tang quyến anh
    nay anh lên nước Chúa an lành
    mong người còn lại tâm mau tịnh
    chiếc lá lìa cành thật mỏng manh……

    Thành kính chia buồn đến Asia
    STBN những ngôi nhà…
    nơi có người cùng anh san sẻ
    những ước mơ bao thập niên qua…

    “Lời kinh Đêm” theo mãi bên lòng
    dâng lời cầu nguyện giữa mùa đông
    xin chúc anh bình an yên nghỉ
    trong niềm thuơng nỗi nhớ mênh mông


    Võ thị Minh Phượng

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