VietFace 57.2 - OCSET 57.4 - OCLittle SaigonTV 57.7VNA TV 57.3 - OCSaigonTV 57.5 - OC
SBTN Viet TV 54.3 - OCIBC TV 57.8 - OCKVLA TV 56.5 - OCVBS 57.6 - OC
SCHANNEL 54.4Người Việt TV - OCLittle SG Radio Viet Star Radio Đáp Lời Sông Núi
Phố Bolsa TVKBC Hải NgoạiVietWeekly TVPalTalk TVV Star 57.11 - OC
Little Saigon RadioRadio Bolsa SG Radio HaiNgoaiViet Star RadioRadio VNCR
Cali Today TV - SJNhật Trường TVNgười Việt Tây BắcVietNews TVVNTV - San Diego
VietFace - San JoseViet Today TV - S. JQuê Hương TV - S.JViệt Bay TV - S.JViệt Vùng Vịnh - S.J
Viet Show TV - S.JDân Sinh TV - S. JoseNgười Việt OaklandViet Catholic NewsÁnh Sáng Tin Mừng
Viet TV HoustonVietFace DallasThờiBáo TV - CanadaChúa Là Tình YêuAn Bình Hạnh Phúc
VATV -DCHTĐ VPTV (DC)VH NB Lạc Việt TVBlue Ocean MusicVân Sơn TV
VietFace 55.5 DallasSaigonTV 55.3 DallasVAN TV 55.2 HoustonBYN TV 57.3 HoustonSGN 51.3 - Houston
Cười 24 GiờPhim 24 GiờNhạc 24 GiờĐồng Giao TVKiến Thức TV
Phim Việt NamPhim Hàn QuốcPhim Đài LoanPhim Hồng KôngPhim Thái Lan
Phim MỹPhim Liên XôPhim Trung QuốcPhim Ấn ĐộPhim Phi Luật Tân
Đảng Việt TânHọc Tiếng AnhLiên khúc Top HitsNhà Đẹp TVThế Giới XE
Việt Sóng TVN10 TVDu Lịch TVViệt Mỹ TVVệ Tinh TV
Đáp Lời Sông Núi Little SG Radio Bolsa RadioVNCR RadioSG Radio Hai Ngoai
Viet Star Radio (CA) Tiếng Nước Tôi Radio OVM 4 TVNHK Radio - Japan NationwideViet Radio
SG Houston Radio Chân Trời Mới RadioLittle SG Radio Radio Phố đêm Đáp Lời Sông Núi
Thời Báo Radio VN Hải Ngoại RadioChúa Đến RadioPalTalk RadioViên Thao Radio
Radio Chiều Thứ BảyTin Lành RadioTiếng Nói Nước NgaVietNamHawaiiRadioHòa Tấu
ABC Radio AustraliaĐÀI Á CHÂU TỰ DORadio Việt Hải NgoạiĐÀI VOASaigon HD Radio
Hòa Tấu - Không LờiNhạc Hải NgoạiNhạc Việt NamViệt Sóng RadioVatican Radio
Đài SBTNVietFace TVKBS Radio - Korea 8406 TV Radio Khai Tâm
Lương Tâm TV Hài Kịch TV Audio TruyệnNấu ĂnLàm Đẹp
Vatican Radio Chân Lý Á ChâuViệt Sóng Radio RTI Radio Đài LoanRadio SG Dallas

About Viet My Magazine

Viet My Magazine, the most popular Vietnamese lifestyle magazine in the East Coast. Viet My magazine was founded in Philadelphia, PA in 2005, and has grown rapidly in popularity over the years. Today, we distribute well over 20,000 copies every week to our readers across the major metropolitan areas in Virginia, Washington D.C., Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York.

2013 VIET MY Magazine established a weekly magazine in Orange County, CA and in 2015 opened daily newspapers. In 2016, due to popular demand, we expanded into television, Viet My Television Network

VIET MY is a weekly magazine covering a wide variety of Vietnamese interests, ranging from entertainment news, sports, current affairs, politics, and local events celebrating the Vietnamese culture. The diversity of our magazine is what sets us apart from our competition, and has enabled us to become a household name within the Vietnamese community. VIET MY has become the magazine of choice for the many Vietnamese readers from all demographics, and our distribution continues to grow in proportion to the growth of the Vietnamese population and others.

We would like to offer your business the opportunity to reach thousands of Vietnamese consumers by advertising through Viet My Magazine. The pricing chart below outlines our standard advertising rates. However, we pride ourselves in providing personalized services for our advertisers, and would like to develop a package that best fits your business needs. Please contact me directly and together we can develop advertising packages that will make your business stand out to our readers! Contact me quickly … every day that your business is not in our magazine is a missed opportunity to tap into the active Vietnamese consumer market! I look forward to developing a beneficial partnership with your company and Viet My Magazine.

Nielsen provides information about what consumers watch and buy in over 100 countries around the world. With a relatively low cost of entry and a potentially high return on investment, the Asian American market represents a significant growth opportunity for the nation’s businesses that sell goods and services. While population growth in the non-Hispanic White segment is slowing, Asian American consumers provide growth opportunity to your business by appealing to a consumer base that is growing, affluent, well-educated, geographically concentrated, technologically savvy and has tremendous buying power that continues to soar.

The Asian American population is approximately 18.2 million and has increased over 50% since 2000, the highest growth rate of any multicultural segment in the U.S. You cannot afford to keep Asian Americans under the radar any longer. This is a segment that is vital to your business growth and success. Asian American median household income is 28% higher than the total U.S. median income. Fifty percent of Asian Americans age 25+ have a Bachelor’s degree, compared to 28% of this same group nationwide. This demographic offers attractive potential market growth.

Over the past decade, the Asian American population has grown at double-digit rates in 49 out of the 50 states. In fact, a dozen states have counties that have seen growth rates of over 200%. Although growth is occurring throughout the nation, almost 40% of all Asian Americans can be found in three Designated Market Areas (DMAs) – Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. In addition, 60% of Asian TV Households reside in the top 10 DMAs, and nearly 85% of all Asian Americans live in 33 of Nielsen’s 212 media (television) markets. By focusing on a targeted set of geographies, reaching Asian American consumers is very cost effective.

While television is still a dominant medium for Asian Americans, the digital space is rapidly providing additional consumer touch points for advertisers. In-language print media and radio are also popular and effective alternative resources. When compared with other multicultural segments, Asian Americans more frequently utilize multiple digital screens to view programming and videos. Asian Americans are a powerful consumer base with $718 billion in buying power that is expected to reach $1 trillion in justfive years, equal to the 18th largest economy in the world.

Standard Pricing per Insertion All Full and Half pages require a 3 month contract for month-to-month billing with a deposit. Any less than 3 month will be a paid-in-full contract prior to printing. Sincerely yours,

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