abtv 55.4 is the number 1 viewers-preferred Vietnamese Television Station in Houston, Texas.

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About abtv 55.4

abtv 55.4 is the number #1 Viewers preferred Vietnamese Television Station in Houston.
abtv 55.4 broadcasts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
abtv 55.4 currently reaches over 100.000 Thousand Vietnamese people with over-the-air, signal throughout the Harris County.
abtv 55.4 targets the highest household income among all ethnic groups who are seeking entertainment and information. Unlike traditional Vietnamese stations abtv 55.4 TV primarily leverages live and original programs with hosts that are as diverse as the audience we deliver our content to such as: Pham Ba Hoa, Trang Si Tan, Nguyen Hoan, Dr. Chi Pham, Master Huyen Vu.
abtv 55.4 produces and airs more than 30 hours in local and original programming.
Our local shows, truly engage viewers with real-time interaction that only abtv 55.4 TV can deliver.
abtv 55.4 also premiers the newest reality shows, drama series and game shows such as Who Dare to Sing?, Vietnamese Big Brothers and 8 Years Old Bride.
abtv 55.4 TV is the premier platform for clients who want to add product integration and maximize exposure and value.

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