KVLA TV CHANNEL 56.5 – Huntington Beach, California & Galaxy 19 USA – Canada

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[ws_table id=”96″]YourChannel: Wrong Shortcode[ws_table id=”22″] KVLA based in a beautiful city of Huntington Beach, California, the heart of Little Saigon and central are of Vietnamese Community in America. KVLA is a brand new Television Station with the most up-to-date technology and broadcasting system.

We broadcast to the entire Vietnamese speaking viewers in Southern California including Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Diego, Vantura, San Bernadino counties.

KVLA is dedicated to providing our viewers with a variety of program including local news, nation news, breaking news and entertainment from movies to comedies, sports, special subject talk shows and more.

KVLA TV is your gateway to success in the Asian American market. As a 24-hour Vietnamese network located in Orange County, we provide exclusive programs of exceptional content to attract audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

We go the extra mile to partner with our clients in fulfilling their marketing needs to help grow their business. Our ability to broadcast is unparalleled to any of our competition as we have the capacity to reach mass audiences efficiently and effectively.

KVLA TV , Channel 56.5 Galaxy is Southern and Central Vietnamese California’s community television based in the beautiful county of Orange, known as “a community of contrasts” and an ethnic melting pot of Asian American cultures. In the 1900’s, the county took its name from successful citrus farming, and has since attracted businesses from a variety of industries and ethnicities.

Today, Orange County is home to the third-highest number of Asian American-owned businesses, contributing 96,000 people to the city’s workforce, with a potential to generate billions of dollars in revenue.

Founded by a mother and daughter team whose passion is in community work, KVLA is the new Vietnamese American TV channel launched to “bridge communities through media.” The network is located in Huntington Beach, California, and its facility is equipped with a large stage capable of broadcasting live shows every night of the week.

Our viewers watch us via antenna, and on our very own website

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