Viet News Radio – Westminster, Nam Cali

Phục vụ thính giả qua 5 quận hạt Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernadino & Riverside trên băng tần 106.3 FM, mỗi thứ Bảy, từ 8 giờ tối đến 12 giờ khuya, giờ địa phương.
RADIO VIET NEWS 106.3 FM ( Westminster, Nam California) – KVNR is a broadcast radio station in Westminister, California, United States, providing Vietnamese language News, Talk and Entertainment.

Nghe Đài LITTLE SAIGON RADIO qua điện thoại, Bấm số: 1-563-999-3115
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LITTLE SAIGON RADIO has distinguished itself by its quality of programming and quantity of broadcasting time. It has excelled in standards of mass media particularly radio broadcasting because we are blessed with a team of creative writers, professional commentators, dedicated broadcasting experts, and a group of young, pleasing, committed, and enthusiastic employees whose goals are to serve the community.

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