VinaMax TV – VietV, Houston, Texas

[youtube_wpress search=”1″][youtube_wpress username=”videobooksforyou” nb_display=”3″] [tubepress mode=”user” userValue=”VIETVnetwork + VATVONLINE + SBTNOfficial + SBTNAUS + VOATiengVietVideo + thoibaocanada + TrungTamAsiaChannel + NguoiVietOnline + radiodlsn + phobolsatv + VietCatholicNews + VanHoaNBLV1 + Truyenhinhvietnam1 + mcvietthao + HVCALI5 + BYNTVNews + danlambaotv + MrLecongnhan + RFAVietnamese + TheDocbaovem + BaoNoiOnline + ngodacluy” resultsPerPage=”2″ orderBy=”published” theme=”phim” ] [tubepress mode=”user” userValue=”NEWSdotVN + VTVDTHVN + vtctv + TRUYENHINHTHONGTANXA + FBNCVietnam + KenhTruyenHinhVTC14 + nguoilaodongonline + nongthon366video + fukudahoushin2 + 3NTVVTC16 + QuaTangCuocSong4U + OnlineANTV + NewsLeaksDaily + videotienphong + POPSVIETNAM + BaongaCom2012 + Hanoimoionline” resultsPerPage=”3″ theme=”phim”] VIETV IS THE LARGEST VIETNAMESE TELEVISION NETWORK WITH THE MOST AFFILIATES IN THE UNITED STATES. VIETV is the leading television network providing unparalleled cultural connection for Vietnamese families living in America. In recent years, VIETV Network has grown exponentially with five additional digital channels that broadcast free television in cities with large Vietnamese populations. No other Vietnamese media group has more than one channel. Yet VIETV Network now operates eight stations across the country. No other television network can reach and engage the Vietnamese consumers as effectively as VIETV Network.

VIETV Network is also the first to deliver daily, live broadcasts and as many as five daily news programs focused on issues relevant to the lives of Vietnamese Americans. Our prompt news delivery and self-produced family entertainment programs have earned the VIETV Network brand a unique bond and loyalty in Vietnamese homes. Because of this popularity and demand for more VIETV channels, our network is pledging to launch more affiliates in 2014 to fulfill the eagerness of the Vietnamese community for quality television programming in their native language.

VIETV Network channels, as well as our websites, are a trusted source of news, community information and cultural entertainment for Vietnamese families.

VIETV Network broadcasts 24-hours, seven days a week.
VIETV Los Angeles – channel 54.3
VIETV Boston – channel 62.3
VIETV Dallas – channel 55.5
VIETV Houston – channels 51.2 & 51.7
VIETV Philadelphia – channel 51.3
VIETV San Jose – channels 20.3 & 20.4
VIETV Washington, D.C. – channel 49.4

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